Many alarms and burglar alarms can be set up to dial out to a pre-defined phone number or send a text message to a mobile number if the alarm is triggered.

To enable the alarm to make calls and send text messages, it needs to be connected to the telephone network. However, many networks do not permit their SIMS to be used in unattended devices, or in devices that infrequently make calls or send text messages. This is where Tracking Angel Global M2M SIM card excels.

Our Global M2M SIM cards are ideal for alarms for a number of reasons:

There are no ongoing monthly charges
Only pay for the small amount of data that you use
Credit remains on the SIM each month irrespective of how many calls are made or text messages are sent
The roaming SIM is designed to work on all networks. If one network is not available in your location, it will simply switch to another, keeping your alarm connected
Your M2M SIM will stay alive even if your alarm only sends messages infrequently, or dials out on rare occasions. (We recommend that you test your alarm monthly in line with the manufacturer’s instructions as part of your test routine.)
When choosing the correct type of SIM for your alarm, consider the security and protection it gives you. Would you risk the network disabling your SIM because it’s in an unattended device, or not being used for long periods?

With our Global M2M multi network roaming SIM, you can be sure that your alarm will stay connected.