GPS trackers are everywhere today! Track your car, your bike, your motorcycle, your children, your frail parents or your valuable assets. Everything is being tracked by GPS these days.

Your GPS tracker knows where it is, but unless it has a reliable connection to the mobile networks, then you won’t know the location of it, or the asset that you’re tracking. As a GPS tracker moves around, it will inevitably pass through locations where a particular network has poor or no coverage. This happens particularly in rural or more remote locations.

If your GPS tracker uses a SIM card that’s tied to one network, then the chances are that your tracker will lose a connection as it moves around. When your tracker loses a connection, your tracking data cannot be sent from the tracker to your tracking platform. The consequences of this may vary, but at best, it’s going to be inconvenient.

Tracking Angel’s Global M2M SIM roams across multiple networks, ensuring your GPS tracker stays connected and you keep track of your assets, your child, your bike or even your Granny!

With a Tracking Angel Global M2M SIM card in your GPS tracker, it will automatically switch networks to maintain a connection, however it much moves around.