Tracking Angel SIMs for smart heating control systems.

Smart thermostats, remote control heating systems and Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRV) mean you never have to heat an empty home again. These clever devices allow you to manage every minute of your central heating and hot water from a smartphone or tablet, reducing your energy use and saving you money!

Many smart heating systems need a SIM card in order to receive commands and send alerts to your mobile phone. Tracking Angel’s Global M2M SIM cards are ideal for smart heating control systems for a number of reasons:

Multi-network – Works on any available network
Global roaming – If one network becomes unavailable SIM will switch to another
Pay-As-You-Go – No ongoing monthly charges
Cost-effective – Only pay for the data that you use
Three sizes – Simply press out the size your device needs
Secure Auto Top Up available – Never run out of credit unexpectedly
No credit expiry – Credit does not expire during periods when it’s not being used
SIM stays alive – SIM is not disabled when it’s not being used